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Roger Emerson

Get ideas and inspiration !

Leaders are learners. Check out our Inspire Club Guest of the Month training series….

Back at the outset of the pandemic, I answered a ‘Monday Motivation’ Facebook post by Roger Emerson who was offering to share his music in online reading sessions with choir leaders. I LOVE reading sessions, and like thousands of choir leaders around the world, Roger’s arrangements have been the staple go-to for my community pop choir, and previously my high school choir. We love that they are singable, satisfying and enjoyable to learn.

Never did I expect him to reply to my email. This was Roger Emerson afterall – in my mind, the man who has sold more pop choral arrangements than anyone else on the planet, lives in the US and is huge! But to my surprise, he did and my, what a generous, knowledgeable person who was happy to connect and share his experience.

So with that moment in June 2020, the concept of the online ‘guest’ sessions for CCL was born. In November 2020, still in the middle of the pandemic, we launched The Inspire Club and since then, these Guest of the Month online live training sessions have been at the core of what we offer.

I believe that leaders are learners. If this is true, then YOU as a choir leader, where ever you live; whatever level of choir leading experience you have and whatever type of choir you run, should have access to high quality and accessible choir leader training. When we attend quality trainings with our colleagues, we get ideas and feel inspired. Our choirs reap the benefits of our motivation and enthusiasm. It is ALWAYS worth our investment.

Roll on a year to August 2021, and we were very grateful that Roger returned to the now up and running Inspire Club, online membership for community choir leaders, to give us a wonderful Guest of the Month session on being a choral educator and arranger….and to be honest, so much more about life in general.

I would like to share the first 10mins of that session with you. Give this your FULL attention. You will be inspired.

Hope you enjoyed spending time listening to Roger Emerson. I’d love to hear your key takeaways.

If you would like to watch the full session, it’s available for members in The Inspire Club Hub. It’s well worth a watch.

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Get ideas and inspiration !

Leaders are learners. Check out our Inspire Club Guest of the Month training series….