20 Creative Ways with QR Codes

Many businesses and organisations are re-discovering the possibilities of QR codes to connect with their members and potential members, including choirs.

A QR code can connect a physical object to a website. And the prevalence of smartphones now in our communities, with the simple scanning function through the camera, makes this all too easy.

Furthermore, since the COVID pandemic, QR codes have taken off once more as an easy, touch free way to share information.

20 creative ways to use QR codes in choirs

  1. Add QR Codes to lyric sheets: a quick scan can link your members to the online place you store your listening tracks for a particular song or a youtube link.
  2. Posted on a sign: A passer by can scan your choir footpath sign and instantly read more information about how to join your choir
  3. On the entrance door to your session: Members can scan the code to open a Google form where they can log their attendance at a session
  4. Tickets with QR codes: using an online site such as Ticket Tailor to sell your tickets and then a free Tazotix App to check people in when they arrive for your event. More than one person can check people in with their phone, even at different entrance points, and the app will update for everyone in realtime.
  5. Printed on the back of a choir top: audience members can do a quick scan of your back to bring up the website and find out more about your choir.
  6. Displayed at the front of house for a concert: scanning the QR code can connect the audience member to an online version of the concert programme, created in Canva, saving on printing.
  7. On screen at the end of a session: receive online review feedback from your participants as the QR code links to Google Form or survey platform.
  8. To reveal a surprise song: hand out slips of a QR code to your singers, for them to discover the lyrics or music to a surprise song on their phone.
  9. Posted on concert programmes: members of the audience can use the QR code to find out more about your choir and how to join. Even better if you have more than one choir performing at an event.
  10. Next to an item in a programme which would benefit from a translation: a quick scan of the QR code would take the audience member to a website where they can see the lyrics of the piece together with the translation.
  11. On flyers and posters advertising your choir: a quick scan once again gives the passer by access to your website for more information
  12. For payment methods: Quickly connect to a Stripe link, Paypal, Apple Pay or similar
  13. Posted on your car window: Advertise your choir in the car park while you do the shopping!
  14. On a choir workshop entrance: scan a picture, (be entered to) win a free month of choir sessions.
  15. On your business cards: it’s obvious!
  16. To get people to donate: on a sign beside your busking gig linking to your fundraising page or within a concert programme.
  17. Inside toilet cubicles at your event: you’ve got a captive audience. Just make sure they hold tight to those phones!
  18. At the end of a choir Youtube video: sign posting to your website or facebook page.
  19. In your event programme or notes: linking to a review site to collect those 5 stars and feedback from your audience or participants.
  20. Email choir newsletter sign ups: Build your choir supporter subscriber list by linking to an email sign up landing page.

PLUS 2 extras….

21. To connect to wi-fi: display the code on your choir room wall to give people the access to the venue wi-fi.

22. TO REVEAL A FREEBIE GIFT: SCAN the code at the TOP of this article!!

23. To share lyric sheets: display the QR code in your session for members to view this week’s lyric sheets.

Where ever you place the QR code, think about not just whether they will see it but also whether they will have the opportunity to scan it. If you are using the QR code for marketing, you might need to build in an incentive, for example a special offer. However you use them, they certainly can bring an extra fun, creative and engaging dimension to how your promote and run your choir activities.

Beth Morgan has worked as a secondary music educator for 30 years, performing with her school choirs within the school community right through to international competitions. In 2016, she moved into the adult community choir sector, becoming the Musical Director for the Bristol Military Wives Choir.

Since then Beth has founded The Great Day Choir, a feel good daytime ladies choir, who have raised £1000s for charity, based across Bristol and Bath, and includes an accessible child friendly choir, Bella Mamas.

During the pandemic, Beth founded The Creative Choir Leader, which has grown to become a global online community of nearly 1000 choir leaders and features an online professional support membership, The Inspire Club for those who want to change lives in their community through inspiring choir leading. This membership has seen Beth host online training sessions and collaborate with some of the world’s leading choral arrangers and conductors including Deke Sharon, John Rutter, Bob Chilcott, Kirby Shaw, Alexander L’Estrange, Lin Marsh, Anu Omideyi, Joanna Tomlinson, Stuart Overington, Mary Bourne, Abi Moore, Matthew Finch, Emily Foulkes and Debbie Warren.