The Creative Choir Leader and The Inspire Club were founded online in 2019 by Beth Morgan, who remains the driving force behind the membership today.

Beth had struggled with the isolation of leading her own community choir business and she understood that choir leaders who work by themselves carry a double burden – the creative and mental burden of successfully running a choir and sometimes the far more complex burden of supporting the singers emotionally.

Over the years, so much has changed in the community choir sector – and so much has stayed the same. The ethos of choirs coming together to enjoy the benefits of communal singing and the musical journey to achieve that, is still rooted in every choir today – regardless of level and type. However, and more importantly, there is nowadays even more passion for community and inclusiveness, treating the needs of our singers with genuine care, empathy and respect – putting them and their success at the heart of every we do. Plus there are many more people setting up choirs as their own businesses, outside of an oragnisational framework.

The Inspire Club difference

From the setting up of The Creative Choir Leader Facebook Group and first guest session, held online during the pandemic, connecting top selling arranger in the US with choir leaders in the UK, to becoming a worldwide network, The Creative Choir Leader and The Inspire Club has been on an incredible journey over the last 5 years.

Some choirs of choir leaders in our Inspire network….

The Inspire Club is an online network, based on collaborative learning and flexible training, to help community choir leaders become an inspiration for their choir. It’s a practical, friendly approach that fits easily into your week and doesn’t require any complex assignments or investment of time.

At the heart of The Inspire Club are our supportive member’s forums, designed to empower community choir leaders to grow in their choir leading journey. Our online socials and trainings are where the magic happens – a place to share ideas, inspire and be inspired, make new choir leader finds, and discover fresh new songs and skills.

The Guests who lead our training sessions have all been successful choir leaders them selves, and they come with a wealth of experience. Hundreds of choir leaders have benefitted from both The Creative Choir Leader Group and The Inspire Club, and thousands of choir and audience members have listened to the results.

One of our aims is to give our choir leaders regular and creative musical inspiration. Never be stuck in a rut with your warm ups ever again, as a new song is uploaded to our library and shared via ourt podcast EVERY SINGLE WEEK. We are aiming to build one of the the biggest musical resources, with scores and recordings, for choir leaders over the next 5 years.

Beth Morgan is known online internationally as The Creative Choir Leader. Her CCL newsletter, blog, website, Facebook group and online membership supports over 1.5K choir leaders from around the world. In this role she has worked with Mark De Lisser, Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect), John Rutter, Bob Chilcott, Karen Gibson (The Kingdom Choir), Kim Samuels (Renewal Choir), Roger Emerson (world’s top selling arranger for pop choral music), Suzzi Vango (How to Make Your Choir Sound Awesome), Greg Link (Apollo 5) and Joanna Tomlinson (National Youth Choir of Great Britain) to name but a few.

Leading choirs for 30 years, Beth is formerly the Musical Director for the Bristol Military Wives Choir (2015-2024) and the founder of The Great Day Choir (2017-present). Beth is in demand as choir workshop leader and specialises in women’s voices.

Beth has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Queensland. She has taken conducting training with Choral Music Experience and Sing for Pleasure. In 2022, she was a participant in The Inspiration Course in Innovative Pop and Jazz Choral Directing at the Royal Academy of Music Vocal Centre, Aalborg, Denmark. She is a member of the Incoporated Society of Musicians.