Welcome to our online Guest of the Month series

The most flexible training programme ever, The Inspire Club makes learning about choir leading easy and fun. There’s no assignments or deadlines – just inspiring online and occasional live sessions.

The Guest of the Month series gives you flexibility…

✔️ join live online, watch video replay or listen to the audio recording on our member podcast when it best fits you.

✔️ personalise your training choices to suit your own interests and needs

✔️ ask questions directly to the people who have the experience and know the answers

Guest of the Month Session


Designed to help provide a good balance of skills development and topics related to practical choir leading, composing/arranging, managing your choir admin and vocal health.

Inspire Clubbers meet world renowned composer and arranger, Greg Gilpin.

Enjoy our annual in-person Inspire Day every May in Bristol, UK where you can meet your choir leader colleagues and heros!

Inspire Club member, Kate with the phenomenal UK Gospel choir leaders, Karen Gibson and Kim Samuels.

Learn on the go!

Listen to your Guest of the Month replays on our very own member Inspire Club Podcast, giving you even more flexibility. Receive notifications directly to your device when they are ready.

Three great ways to inspire your choir leading