30 Questions you can ask your choir

You’d be amazed what you can learn from your choir! Here’s 30 questions you can ask your choir members to help foster communication, engagement and improvement within the group. You might be surprised by some of the responses.

  1. How did you feel about our last performance?
  2. What songs or styles of music do you enjoy singing the most?
  3. Are there any specific vocal techniques you’d like to work on?
  4. What challenges have you faced in rehearsals recently?
  5. How can we improve our rehearsal schedule to better accommodate everyone?
  6. Do you have any suggestions for repertoire for our upcoming performances?
  7. Are there any upcoming events or performances you’re particularly excited about?
  8. How can we better support each other during rehearsals and performances?
  9. What warm-up exercises do you find most effective?
  10. How can we ensure that everyone feels included and valued in the choir?
  11. Do you have any concerns or feedback about our choir’s leadership?
  12. What are your personal goals for your vocal development in the choir?
  13. Can you share any tips for managing stage fright or nerves before a performance?
  14. Are there any specific sections or harmonies in our current pieces that you find challenging?
  15. How do you prepare for rehearsals and performances outside of our scheduled practices?
  16. What are your favorite memories from our choir experiences?
  17. Do you have any ideas for choir bonding activities or social events?
  18. How can we make our choir more appealing to potential new members?
  19. What are your thoughts on our choir’s costume for performances?
  20. How can we enhance our communication within the choir, especially when it comes to scheduling and updates?
  21. Are there any specific pieces of music you’d like to see us perform in the future?
  22. What are your thoughts on the balance between traditional and contemporary music in our repertoire?
  23. Can you share any vocal health tips with the group?
  24. How do you manage your time to balance choir commitments with other aspects of your life?
  25. What are your thoughts on our choir’s rehearsal location and facilities?
  26. Do you have any feedback on the sound quality and equipment used during performances?
  27. What are your expectations for choir behavior and etiquette during rehearsals and performances?
  28. How can we encourage more active participation from all choir members?
  29. Are there any fundraising or community outreach ideas you’d like to explore as a choir?
  30. What do you think we can do to make our choir experience more fulfilling and enjoyable for everyone?

These questions can help open up discussions, gather feedback, and strengthen the sense of community within your choir.

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