Do you want to set up a new choir at your school, workplace, in the community or online but feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start?

Do you lead an existing choir but feel isolated geographically or lack genuine support from colleagues?

Do want to become a better choir leader, but perhaps lack the belief, confidence and skills?

The Inspire Club will:

Help you feel EXCITED and motivated for choir leading

BUILD your belief, confidence and skills to deliver your choir programme with success

PROVIDE a step by step path to help you move forward and GROW your choir whether in school, at work, in church or the community, in person or online.

SUPPORT you with a network of colleagues who will make you feel valued regardless of your level and experience.

“It’s great to be among people who, well… just get it!”

In the The Inspire Club you will:

  • Join a supportive network of colleagues working as choir leaders in the local community just like you.
  • Gain clarity over the next step to take, following our Inspire Club Choir Leader’s Journey success path!
  • Be a part of choir leader collaborations.
  • Have access to our Guest of the Month sessions – live online or on replay, whenever is convenient.
  • Be able to access our Resource Hub 24/7
  • Access our private Facebook community for a regular support.
  • Have a plan to help you become a better choir leader.

Introducing our……

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to be in the same room as some of your choir heroes?

I am excited to announce our upcoming Guests of the Month….

  • AugustNaveen Arles – Young Voices Collective, Choral Music Experience, Hal Leonard, ABCD, Liberty Singers…and founder of MD Brunch (available on replay 1st Sept)
  • SeptemberRoger Emerson – live online from California, the world’s BEST selling arranger and composer for choral pop music
  • OctoberAnu Omideyi – UK Gospel Choir Leader and inspirational speaker
  • NovemberDeke Sharon – live online from the USA, the father of modern acapella and composer/arranger for the sensational “Pitch Perfect” movies!!!

Previous guests have included, and available to watch (on replay) in our membership hub….Alexander L’Strange, Joanna Tomlinson, Anu Omideyi, Bob Chilcott, Mark De Lisser, Lin Marsh, Mary Bourne, Matt Finch, Sophie Garner, Abi Moore, Kari Olsen Porthouse, Dr Jenevora Williams…and more!

Not to mention the online socials and meet ups…



A newly composed, arranged and curated “WARM ME UP….so I can chill out” BUNDLE of 21 warm up songs for you to use straight away with your choir.

The first song will be released on 1st September and, you guessed it, you’ll receive one a day for 21 Days.

What do our members say….

I loved running my choir, but felt very alone finding repertoire, and had a very up and down opinion of my capabilities. In Inspire, I feel inspired, more confident and supported. Realising that I am as good everyone else and that everything they are doing (mainly) I am doing too! Having the confidence to share my ideas without feeling their useless or silly.The amount of ideas, repertoire that have been shared during the short time the Inspire Cub has been in existence, is staggering.
Kate Lynch Somerset County youth choir
I have gone from facing the lockdown challenges of running a choir alone, to feeling as though I am part of a wonderful team of esteemed colleagues to bounce ideas off and also give me inspiration and ideas. This group is such a wonderful place to grow as a choir leader, there are no egos and there is so much help available on so many levels. I never have to wrack my brains for warm-up or repertoire! 
nettie osman
Before joining Inspire I felt relatively confident and fairly well established in my small corner of the world. I love to collaborate and create. So finding like minded supportive musicians where I can share my skills and learn new ones is really positive. I know I have made great connections which will benefit all of our work going forwards.
Before joining Inspire I felt happy but lonley. Now I feel connected, inspired and supported having other choir leaders who just ‘get it’ around. Learning how other people approach things has really helped
Kari olsen-porthouse liberty singers, icu liberty singers, little liberty singers
Before joining Inspire I felt excited about my work and firing off at all sorts of tangents with creative ideas that needed harnessing. After joining I was like a child in a sweet shop with lots of goodies to try out! Even more excited and learning to be more structured in my approach through the co-mentorship programme and weekly goal setting. I am now feeling more focussed on my ambitions and having the opportunity to make them a reality
debbie warren
Before joining Inspire I felt confident but a little downbeat because of Covid and inconsistent online/in person sessions. I’m pleased I joined because I feel like I have a library of new material to refer to as well as somewhere I can go to get advice and feel supported, even if I am feeling negative. I feel a lot less isolated, without feeling pressure to join in all the time. Being able to see other members in person on various zoom calls etc makes you feel part of something, much more than being in a generic FB group. You start to feel like the others are colleagues rather than faceless names on a page.
Joining Inspire as a founder member was an experiment to see what it offered. I find it provides a very good level of interaction between choir leaders and also a lot of ‘leader theory and practise’.
 mike gibbons
The Inspire club is such a welcoming and friendly group of choir leaders, all with different strengths. I love it that you can interact as much or as little as you want of have time for. here is so much on offer – support with technical issues, song and warm up sharing, social get- togethers and the fantastic opportunity to watch interviews with all manner of composers and arrangers, choir leader and singers, as well as taking part in a whole host of informative and fun workshops. Huge thanks to our amazing leader Beth Morgan for setting up Inspire – where everyone is valued and nobody is judged. What a caring, sharing community – I’m so glad I joined!
evelyn sutherland
I was a bit isolated and was becoming mentally exhausted. Now I feel connected, energised & inspired (clue’s in the title, right?). The biggest impact I’ve gained is having a connection with other choir leaders. The group is full of encouragement, energy and positivity while also being a very safe space to discuss issues and problems. As a choir leader it’s THE place to be to know you are not on your own.

“I feel so much more confident in my own ability to lead my choir and I have found my tribe of people who love getting others singing together just like I do”

Membership to The Inspire Club is £27/month.

Once you join you will receive an email confirmation and you will be invited to access our library and our online community within 24hrs.

There are no contracts and you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Doors open in November 2021


  • 24/7 access to closed Facebook group for Inspire Club members.  
  • Monthly 1 hour online GUEST of the Month session with an inspirational guest choir leader. (Typically 3rd Sunday morning of the month, except the coming September and November when the session will be 5pm BST)
  • Monthly 1 hour online group session. This is a time where we will all get together, with a drink, talk about choir, answer member’s questions and/or network. (Typically last Friday afternoon of the month various times)
  • Monthly resources tailored to your stage of your choir leader journey and access to a building library of inspiring resources including session recordings, interviews, musical and coaching materials. 
  • Invitation to participate in Inspire Club events and online concerts.

About the founder of The Inspire Club….

Beth Morgan set up the Inspire Club to help people who love singing, confidently set up and grow choirs within their school, workplace, church, local or online community, without feeling overwhelmed or isolated. Working as a music educator for 30 years she has formed many secondary school choirs and grew a junior chorister choir, taking the former to international competition. She is currently working as the MD for the Bristol Military Wives Choir and has set up her own successful choir business, The Great Day Choir, a set of 4 daytime ladies choirs across Bristol and Bath.

Beth is passionate about helping others find the steps to develop their choir leading not only as a hobbie but also as a regular income. With this is mind she has created the Inspire Choir Leader Journey – to help you move from being inspired to lead a choir, through to the steps to set up and grow a community of singers, and beyond to music publishing and workshop leading.

Watch our recent article on BBC Points West and BBC Breakfest below….

Frequently asked questions

What if I can’t make the monthly trainings?

The monthly training are all recorded, so you can watch them on replay whenever is convenient for you.

How do I access everything?

When you join you will be given access to our member’s hub and also invited to join our closed facebook community.

What if I want to cancel?

We do not offer refunds however you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How long do I get access to the membership for?

You have access to the membership for as long as your subscription remains active, locked in at the price you join.

When does the membership start?

Your membership starts as soon as you join.

How do you work around time zones?

All trainings are in UK time. The main trainings are in the morning to suit UK and Australia. Other trainings are scheduled for the afternoon or evening to suit North America.

Do I have to do everything?

NO. You are encouraged to do as much or as little as suits your needs and supports your goals.

Do you follow a particular choral or vocal pedagogy?

NO. The Inspire Club embraces all methods to suit our members.

I have learnt such a lot from the Inspire Club members, who, without exception, are so supportive, encouraging and helpful to everyone whilst being non-judgmental. I’m consolidating how I feel about my own skill set, adding to it, changing where necessary, and, where applicable, removing doubts about how I do things. It’s not always a painless process, but an ongoing one that is priceless. As a result I’m finding my feet and realising that I don’t have to be like others that I admire and respect, I’m no less professional if I don’t do everything that they do, in the way that they do it, and am comfortable in my own skin. And the biggest thing of all – I’ve made friends, real friends, all over the world, in my professional life that I never thought would be possible.


I felt generally pretty confident & experienced; however, having run an established choir (not my own ‘brand’) with over a hundred singers, I have now launched a new community choir (during a pandemic) so it feels like Im starting again & having to prove my worth. It can be a lonely world at times, with many mixed emotions – and although social media is a great way to reach out to people (& promote the choir), it can also feel a little competitive when constantly seeing what other choirs are doing, and how successful they seem. I have to be careful not to feel pressured into ‘keeping up’ and worrying that I’m not doing enough.I love the connections I’ve made with other choir leaders, and the fact that the ethos is one of support, connection & sharing – it doesn’t feel competitive at all! So I’m feeling less isolated, and encouraged about my work, as well as knowing that there are so many lovely people to turn to for help (or just a chat!)  I have a tendency to hold back in big groups, but I feel comfortable when sharing here – feeling listened to and valued. Thank you so much to Beth for setting this up!


Before joining Inspire, I felt confident with what I was doing but keen to network with others and boost my skills and confidence further. Being a part of inspire club has been like being in a supportive family of fellow choir leaders, all with different strengths and challenges, all with different types of choirs, but all who understand the struggles and who are there to lend a shoulder when needed but also to cheerlead when things go well. Yes, inspire club has provided some fantastic training sessions and resources,  but it is the mutual support that has made the biggest impact for me. I would never have thought I would join a group like this…but I’m so glad I did.


Doors open November 2021

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