Want to be inspired by connecting with other creative choir leaders, so that you can lead an engaged choir community?

I could go on and on about the features of an amazing choir session, but instead, I’ll save you a ton of time by sharing this super simple truth:

We get creative when we are inspired….and we can achieve this by spending intentionally focused time with other choir leaders. 

But sometimes making all this happen can feel pretty challenging…..

“How can I develop my singing and directing technique to help me feel more confident in front of my choir?”

“My choir community are really important to me. They need me more than ever right now, especially those who are isolated”

“I need inspiration and hope for the future of my choir”

Sometimes figuring everything out alone can be overhelming ….AND TIME CONSUMING!

Using the no-cost method, you could…

– Spend HOURS in the Creative Choir Leader Group on FB trying to sort and sift through the thousands of posts.

– Scour the internet looking for resources in an ENDLESS hunt for a new song idea.

– Ask your local choir leader colleague, who may feel PROTECTIVE about sharing ideas. 

OR you could JOIN The Inspire Club…..

AND have access to an ASPIRATIONAL choir leader community – enabling you to develop relationships and make progress at a much faster rate.

Through the membership, I am here to help you engage in amazing creative conversations, allowing you to make an impact in an ever-expanding circle.

And in case you missed the details…

This is a founder membership for the first three months, and will be developed during that time. If you choose to invest now as a founder member, you will gain early access, but more importantly, you will have input into the content of the programme. We do the time-consuming set up, facilitation of a events and seeking out of guest choir leaders. You and your choir will benefit from the inspiration you will receive.

What is included in the membership?

Invitation to join our Co-Mentoring Programme – matching you with another choir leader and working together towards a creative, collaborative or developmental goal of your choice for a three month period.

Monthly 1 hour online group session with an inspirational guest choir leader, vocal expert or business coach, including networking opportunities. (3rd Sunday morning of the month 10:00am UK time)

Monthly 1 hour online group social session. This is a time where we will all get together, with a drink, talk about choir, answer member’s questions and network. (Typically last Friday afternoon of the month 4:00pm UK time)

Monthly resource to use in your planning or session and access to a building library of inspiring resources including session recordings, interviews, musical and coaching materials. 

24/7 access to closed Facebook group for The Creative Choir Leader Inspire Club members.  

Ready to take your choir leading to the next level?

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Plato