Choir Leader Buddy

Do you sometimes feel isolated and wish you had a choir leader buddy to support you?

Even if you get support from Facebook groups and perhaps even a local choir leader, you might still feel you are missing those ‘water cooler’ moments, when you can bounce ideas off another person in a more informal, when-the-moment-arises, kind of way.

If this is something you are looking for, then being a part of a choir leader buddy programme could be a real game changer to help you have more success with your choir.

If you have a buddy, you usually get more personalised support for your goals because the other person is focused on YOUR success.

In this article, we’ll talk about what a choir leader buddy programme is and why we set one up in The Inspire Club.

What is a choir leader buddy?

A choir leader buddy match is like a partnership where you mutually agree to support each other and provide feedback on a regular basis. In some settings this might be called an accountability partner.

With your buddy you both agree to touch base weekly or fortnightly, and during this time you can share your wins and challenges. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to support another choir leader.

Why does it work?

In The Inspire Club, we like to think of choir leader buddies as people who are there to help you bring out the best in both yourself, and your choir. They are a consistent connection, even when your energy, work and ideas dip. And of course we know this happens all the time!

Plus they love to give you ‘shout outs’ when you succeed and help you to recognise your successes and achievements – even when they are small but significant.

What do you need to do to become a buddy?

  • Patience to let the relationship grow over a period of a few months
  • Consistent commitment to turn up for the other person
  • A good listening ear
  • Oodles of encouragement and praise to give

What you DON’T need to become a buddy?

  • Be an expert choir leader
  • Have all of the answers to their questions or problems
  • Live geographically close
  • Run the same type or size of choir

How to do it yourself….

Finding a choir leader buddy means finding someone out there who is willing to commit to helping YOU fulfil your goals as well as their own. There might be someone who you resonate with in The Creative Choir Leader Group. Or perhaps there is a choir leader local to you, who would be willing to have a chat once a month. Drop them an email and see if they might be interested in meeting for a coffee/zoom call and seeing if they would like to meet on a more regular basis.

Right, I’d like a buddy but it’s going to be tricky finding someone.

Can you help me?”

YES! In 2022, there will be three opportunities for our members to join the Inspire Choir Leader Buddy Programme: January, May and September. You will receive an online form to fill in. On this form you provide information about your choir and how you would most like to be matched. The best part is that everyone who signs up, wants to be a part of the programme and knows the commitment upfront. Once the matching takes place, you are then notified of your partner and we then guide you towards connecting and arranging your first meeting point together. And then the rest is over to you!

THE DEADLINE for members to join the next INSPIRE CHOIR LEADER BUDDY PROGRAMME is Monday 17th Jan 2022. Not yet a member? JOIN HERE to take full advantage in 2022.