10 Micro ways to help your singers connect during an online session

One of the hardest aspects of running an online session is that the experience can feel disconnected for everyone involved. It can be just as true for the choir leader as it is the singer.

If you think about it, when you rehearse in a venue, there are a lot of micro conversations that happen from the moment you arrive that all add up to form relationships. Some examples are saying ‘hello’, openning the door for each other, checking in with others if the seat is free, asking how your neighbour is, talking about what you might sing today, discussing a mutual friend, chatting about the cake you’re eating….and so it goes on.

Here’s 10 ways we can help our members connect in an online session:

  1. Say hello to your members by name as they arrive in the session
  2. Ask your singers an easy question they can answer without thinking too much eg. Who has blue eyes? Who likes chocolate? What does this song remind you of?
  3. Ask your singers to write one word in the chat to describe how they are feeling. Read out the words to the group. Chat about it.
  4. Find connections between people eg. people who live close together, people who like the same things, people with hobbies in common.
  5. Use breakout rooms in Zoom for 5-10min social chit chat/ coffee break.
  6. Use breakout rooms for activities eg. quizzes, puzzles, brainstorming lists
  7. Use ice breakers
  8. Run a personal treasure hunt. Go HERE to see ours.
  9. Allow people to arrive early and leave later than the session times to chat and get to know each other.
  10. Encourage your singers to share their views and opinions.