Zoom ice breakers

  • Screen share a puzzle with your group like the one below.
  • Play Two Truths and One Lie. Each person tells the other members of the group three things about themselves, one being a lie. The group has to choose which statements are true and which is the lie. Great activity for break out rooms.
  • One word answer questions. Ask your members a question to which they write the answer to in the chat. The sillier the better. eg. If you were a X what would you be? (X could be so many different things eg. vegetable, fruit, pudding, car, animal). read them out to the group and have lots of fun!
  • Last one standing. The whole group stands up. Ask the group a series of general questions about themselves, which are answersed as ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the answer is ‘no’ then the person sits down. Who is left standing?
  • Treasure Hunt – give your singers 5 minutes to go and collect props for a song. You could try the “Agadoo” Tropical Treasure Hunt. It’s great as a surpirse at the very end of a reheasral. Singalong to “Agadoo” together with all the props. Get the camera ready!