Sing, sing on my own

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“Sing” by @Pink Zebra

So a little while ago, I was looking for a song about singing and I stumbled on this gem of a song. This piece is absolutely beautiful and if you haven’t heard of it yet, please have a listen. Here is a link:

The thing I love about this song are the lyrics in the chorus because I feel they resonate with every choir singer who is at home right now doing ‘choir’ from their front room.

Sing, sing my own song

Stand and be strong

Live in the moment

With every word, speak from the heart, this is the start.

We’ll make our voices heard when we SING

Pink Zebra have also made free all the demo tracks to their choral music if you subscribe to them (please note I am not an affiliate for them – I just think this is brilliant and I have used it myself). This also means you get a really lovely demo track for your online singers to sing along to while they are learning their parts.

On their site you can also find royalty free music which can be used in youtube videos as well as a free virtual choir template for Garageband so that you can mix the audio tracks easily.

Back to “Sing”….this is definitely going to be one of the pieces I programme into my first live concert after we come back together. ❤️