Ta dah!

If you’ve got a performance with your choir coming up, then take the opportunity to use it as a great awareness raising activity for your choir. Performances can be one of the best ways to showcase your singers and your programme. Plus it can be one of the most effective ways to attract new members to your choir.

Here are 28 ideas you can easily use to get your choir noticed during a public performance:

  1. Perform with fun and energy! Make your audience smile and feel happy.
  2. It goes without saying that a well mastered and musically confident performance with get noticed – so make sure your choir is well prepared and ready.
  3. Sounds obvious, and it is: wear a choir tops with your logo on the front
  4. Put your website and a contact on the back of the choir top, especially yours.
  5. Wear choir fleeces or hoodies.
  6. Use stickers with your choir logo and a call to action such as “Follow us on Facebook” or “Join us!”
  7. Have a choir sign or banner that you can display.
  8. Hand out flyers to your audience members during and after the performance. Have a QR code on the flyer so that people can go straight to your website and find out more. Read more about using QR codes here.
  9. Do an audience participation number to get the crowd involved and singing, and get other people curious
  10. Have a crowd woop and cheer for the purpose of creating attention
  11. Do a flashmob among the crowd – great for shopping centres.
  12. If you are able to MC your set, interact with the crowd in between songs.
  13. Arrive together as a big group in your choir uniform
  14. Wear themed costumes eg. Christmas headbands or jumpers.
  15. If you have a speaker to play backing tracks, play fun music for 5-10mins before you perform to create the atmospere and anticipation.
  16. Bring helium balloons in the colour of your choir.
  17. Do something humorous during your performance eg. Singing with kazoos
  18. Use eye catching props eg. Twirling umbrellas, fluffy feather bowers
  19. Perform by memory so that you can really engage with the audience. Learn more about eye contact here.
  20. Use actions to make you performance dynamic, especially in the chorus or at least use a step and clap when it fits the style of the song
  21. Perform well known pop songs with actions in unison to encourage the audience to join in eg. Blame it on the Boogie and Agadoo
  22. Wear bright colours, fun hats or at least one single bright colour to differentiate yourselves from the audience and to show that you are a single group.
  23. Bring lots of supporters to watch and help make an audience.
  24. Perform in a location that is visible to everyone. Is there a hill or stage area?
  25. Perform in aid of a charity. Sometimes charities will be able to give you sashes and stickers to wear.
  26. Perform with amplification so that you can be heard further afield than your location.
  27. Hand out a choir momento to your audience after the performance eg. wristbands, stickers.
  28. And finally, make a big entrance! Ta dah!

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