Sing about singing

One of the best ways to celebrate the joy of singing with your choir, is to sing songs about singing!

Here are our top 10 songs celebrating singing that we love to sing with our choirs:

1. “Why We Sing” by Greg Gilpin

2. “One Small Voice” by Lin Marsh performed by Amabile Choir

3. “Like a Singing Bird” by Bob Chilcott

4. “Singers of Songs” By Debbie Warren with additional lyrics by Mary Bourne which can be purchased HERE

5. “Do You Hear My Voice? by Mary Bourne with can be purchased HERE

6. “I Sing Beacuse I’m Happy” arranged by Kenneth Padden, adapted by Rollo Dillworth

7. “Sing” by The Pentatonix arranged by Mark Brymer

8. “Sing a Song” by Joe Raposo arranged by Roger Emerson

9. “Sing” by Pink Zebra

10. “Sing” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Gary Barlow.