Childrens’ Composers

So a fortnight ago, I posed a question in the Primary Music Music Teachers Facebook Group, asking for suggestions of their favourite go-to composer-arrangers for childrens’ choirs.

You can see my post HERE.

There was a great range of suggestions……however, once again I’m thrilled to say that our recent Inspire Club Guest of the Month trainer, Lin Marsh was certainly their favourite. Don’t take my word for it, head over and have a look >>>>

So using all the suggestions I have compiled a list for you with links (that I could source) so that you can check out each composer-arranger suggested – in no particular order.

Lin Marsh
Audrey Snyder
Rebecca Lawrence
Alexander L’Estrange

Doreen Rao
Alan Simmons
Susie Vango
Ula Weber
Craig McLeish
Jessa Liversidge
John Rutter
Andy Beck
Sally Albrecht
Jay Althouse
Little Voices Series
Greg Gilpin
Paul Jarman
Ruth McCall
Dan Walker
Sally Whitwell
Mark Hayes
Mark Brymer