Taster Session: Pros and Cons

Do you offer a taster session for interested people to try out your choir? What are the pros and cons? Have you really thought through your intention for offering one? …

Lizzy Renihan: Guest Blog

Lizzy Renihan writes, “Hands up all choir leaders who’s said “smile everyone!” in rehearsal when the choir are mid song” ….read on.

Should your choir always have eye contact?

Should your choir always have eye contact? How do we use eye contact in choir? Where do my singers look when they are performing? Should they look at the conductor? And if I’m rehearsing a piece, should I look at them?


The song ‘Kokoleoko’ is from Liberia and is perfect as a warm up song. The lyrics are onomatopoeic, making the sound of a rooster – cockadoodle-doo – as it welcomes the morning. “Aba mama” means ‘goodbye mama’.

Memorising Lyrics

Got a performance coming up? We have. I have decided that I would like my singers to perform by memory so they can really enjoy the music and the occasion. So I asked my members