Inspiring creative and connected choir leaders


We’ll help you to…

BE INSPIRED to develop an authentic, growing choir community.

CREATE innovative ideas for musical and social connection in your choir.

CONNECT and share with other choir leaders, musicians and creatives.

On Mon 16th March 2020….

…. I was required to STOP offering my choir sessions in venue due COVID-19. And the VERY NEXT DAY I started delivering sessions using online platforms.

Like many other choir leaders, I needed to RE-INVENT ‘CHOIR’ – get up to speed with tech – negotiate the mute button – provide support and test what songs and activities work for my singers.

Most important of all, I have discovered that TOGETHER with my fellow choir leaders, we have a strong desire to help our choirs SUCCEED and find creative ways for them hold a sense of musical connection and community – in meaningful, authentic ways.

The most SUCCESSFUL choir leaders have these things in common:

PASSION for their choir community

Understand the power of group singing and the BENEFITS for their members’ heath and wellbeing

VISION to bring people together through music

Innovation to create new ideas to OVERCOME challenges

Desire to SHARE their choir experience with others

Want to help members to GROW as singers

I’m Beth Morgan.

And for the past 26
years I’ve been working with community choirs to help people of all ages, discover that
through singing in a group, they can
achieve a higher sense of confidence,
togetherness and aspiration