10 Reasons Why You Can’t Go To YoChoir Rehearsal

Here are 10 reasons why you can’t go to your choir rehearsal:

  1. You accidentally swallowed a kazoo and every time you try to sing, it comes out as a weird buzzing noise.
  2. You sprained your tongue trying to hit a high note in the shower and now you can’t speak properly.
  3. Your pet parrot learned all the lyrics to your favorite songs and won’t stop singing them at the top of its lungs.
  4. You accidentally superglued your lips shut while trying to fix a broken vase.
  5. You got lost on the way to rehearsal and accidentally ended up in a karaoke bar instead.
  6. Your neighbor is having a dance party and you can’t resist joining in on the fun.
  7. You were practicing your scales and accidentally hit a note so high that all the dogs in the neighborhood started howling.
  8. Your cat decided to take a nap on your sheet music and won’t move, no matter how much you bribe her with catnip.
  9. You discovered a new type of singing called “sousaphone-ing” where you play a sousaphone while trying to sing at the same time, and you can’t stop practicing it.
  10. You accidentally got your tongue stuck to a frozen pole and can’t speak until it thaws out.

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After working in secondary music eduction for 29 years, including developing school choirs to perform at international level competition, she now runs her own adult community choirs.

Beth is currently the MD for the Bristol Military Wives Choir, a member of the 75 strong choir network, supporting women connected to the military. In addition, in 2017 she founded The Great Day Choir, a successful daytime community choir network across bristol and Bath, UK for women of all ages, including a child friendly choir. The latter has helped to raise 1000s for local charities.

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